Dad’s Scarf

Whew! Finished it just in the nick of time! My parents are set to arrive in about a week and I owed them each a scarf. My mom’s scarf was finished weeks ago but I sort of lost some steam after. When I finally got my focus back, I went looking for the right yarn.Continue reading “Dad’s Scarf”

Momma’s Scarf

I finished my third scarf. My mom had requested one to match her hat, which is a light tan color so I ended finding a yarn that matched ( I hope) but was much finer than I had used before. In the beginning I struggled with several different types of needles and casting on withContinue reading “Momma’s Scarf”

Second Scarf Finished!

I think knitting my second scarf went a lot faster than my first. I also bought new needles that were longer so it would fit better, maybe that had something to do with it? Joining the new yarns ( I had to do it twice) was still a challenge for me. I’m pretty sure IContinue reading “Second Scarf Finished!”

My First Scarf

I am Soo thrilled to show off my very first scarf! I recently took up knitting again after several unsuccessful attempts over the years. It’s a big ol’ heavy and thick scarf that is totally unnecessary for Texas 😂 but I love it all the same and will try to find some uses for it.Continue reading “My First Scarf”