First Wedding Anniversary

I couldn’t believe it! An entire year has gone by since the Hubby (Sam) and I got married. Sure we had been planning a wedding for a year, but due to the Pandemic, we never had the opportunity to go through with it. We ended up hurriedly getting a Justice of the Peace as theContinue reading “First Wedding Anniversary”

Valentine’s Day 2021

Thanks Polar Vortex! The hubby had planned a surprise activity during the day and we had made reservations for our favorite local restaurant ( outside of course). It would have been the second time we went out to eat in close to a year! To say I was bummed was an understatement. I’m still saltyContinue reading “Valentine’s Day 2021”

Ravioli, the way to my Heart

I would have taken pictures of this dish being made, but I wasn’t there when the hard work was put in. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of this excellent meal made by my wonderful husband. While I was out socializing with a friend, he was in the kitchen slaving away over homemadeContinue reading “Ravioli, the way to my Heart”