Rejoining the Gym

Whew! It’s about time! Now that we are vaccinated and we hope other people are too, we have decided to rejoin the gym. I’m still wearing a mask because I feel more comfortable being cautious, especially in a warm, enclosed space with people breathing heavily. There is probably nothing wrong, as the hubby has remindedContinue reading “Rejoining the Gym”

You-Tube Workout

Since I canceled my gym membership I have been sort of a drift with no real guidance for my workouts. I’ve gone for walks quite a bit which is always nice, I enjoy the fresh air and sun, but I never quite work up a sweat. With “Cedar Fever“ going strong here in Texas, IContinue reading “You-Tube Workout”

A Healthy New Year

One of my resolutions was to start eating better. I had really gone off the wagon Big Time during the last six months. I was using the pandemic as an excuse to bake and eat whatever I wanted. As you can imagine, this was not ideal! I pretended not to see the scale every timeContinue reading “A Healthy New Year”