Spring Cleaning #2

Second round! Our ratty old IKEA couch that had been sitting on the landing was first to go. It was taking up space and was an eyesore that the cat had used as a scratching post. It had served its purpose well for over six years but it was time to go. We packed upContinue reading “Spring Cleaning #2”

If it Makes You Happy

Remember that song? By Sheryl Crow? Yeah I bet that gave you flashbacks to the 90’s, early 2000’s! It did for me too! I was listening to a playlist on Spotify when all of a sudden Sheryl came on and I started jamming out! All of a sudden I can’t stop listening to her. WasContinue reading “If it Makes You Happy”

First Wedding Anniversary

I couldn’t believe it! An entire year has gone by since the Hubby (Sam) and I got married. Sure we had been planning a wedding for a year, but due to the Pandemic, we never had the opportunity to go through with it. We ended up hurriedly getting a Justice of the Peace as theContinue reading “First Wedding Anniversary”

St Patrick’s Day

When I think of St Patrick’s Day, I think of Ireland. It makes me smile with the memories of the wonderful time I had a few years ago when I visited with my sister. The country is absolutely breathtaking, the people lovely, and the music beautiful. Surprisingly, the food was good too. The brown bread,Continue reading “St Patrick’s Day”


I’m not sure exactly when I started this blog, maybe it’s been three months? All I can say is that I am very excited to have reached over 100 followers on WordPress! I know, I know, I’m no influencer. But that’s ok, I am so thankful for all of you who have been reading andContinue reading “100 Followers!”

Butternut Squash Soup

When I think of butternut squash soup I generally think of Thanksgiving. It’s something my mom had started making the past few years and it is delicious. On my own, butternut squash is generally not a go-to veggie. I tend to stick with the basics a lot: string beans, spinach, peas, and broccoli. Those areContinue reading “Butternut Squash Soup”

Gingerbread House Memories

It’s about time! I was so excited when I found a “Hanukkah House.” A gingerbread bread house kit that had decorations for Hanukkah. Yet, somehow it took me over a year and two Hanukkahs to pass before putting it together. It actually took us two days to put it together as well, due to dryingContinue reading “Gingerbread House Memories”

This Makes Me Smile

I was putting away a few odds and ends from my old job when I found this ornament. Now I get to put it on my tree and I will smile every time I see it. Why does it make me smile? It was a demonstration I did for my students. Every semester my classesContinue reading “This Makes Me Smile”