Guest Room: Before/After

I’m super excited y’all! It’s been forever since I’ve seen my parents. They live in NYC so of course we haven’t been able to see them because of the pandemic. Driving to Texas would have taken them about four days, but now that they are vaccinated they have decided to fly down. It’s a riskContinue reading “Guest Room: Before/After”

Two More Lavender Pots Done!

I decorated two more ceramic pots which leaves me with two left to go. The last set of lavender did just fine in the transition and just moved to the backyard this week. Hopefully they will do ok with the new temperature fluctuations and (hopefully) more sun!

Painted Lavender Pots Round 1

After looking at how wonderful the lavender is doing, I decided it was time to give them room to grow. I want my pretty lavender to continue to flourish and hopefully flower! I love my plain white ceramic pots because they have so much potential, but there were no holes in the bottom. Luckily, theContinue reading “Painted Lavender Pots Round 1”

Painted Pots

As a small gift to my MIL and SIL, I painted a pot for them each. They both enjoy gardening and having plants around the house, so I thought they might enjoy it. I used acrylic paint since it is pretty sturdy and water-proof and I found some pictures online of secret gardens and pineContinue reading “Painted Pots”

Gingerbread House Memories

It’s about time! I was so excited when I found a “Hanukkah House.” A gingerbread bread house kit that had decorations for Hanukkah. Yet, somehow it took me over a year and two Hanukkahs to pass before putting it together. It actually took us two days to put it together as well, due to dryingContinue reading “Gingerbread House Memories”

Tree Time

It’s that time of year, folks! Thanksgiving is over so now it’s time to start decorating for Christmas! This is a fun pastime that is relatively new to me. I always loved looking at lights and decorations on houses and seeing a tree in the window. As a kid, on Christmas Eve, my family wouldContinue reading “Tree Time”