Oh Baby, Baby!

I’m pregnant! I didn’t want to make an announcement until I hit the second trimester. To be honest, it is part of the reason that I haven’t written in a bit. Partially because it’s been hard for me to think/write about anything other than the baby, and partially because morning sickness had taken hold.

Those of you who have battled morning sickness know what I’m talking about. The fatigue, the headaches, the all-day nausea and more.

We tried very hard to have this little baby and I feel blessed that we have gotten pregnant, but I will tell you, pregnancy…Kinda sucks! At least for the first trimester, I know everyone has a different experience but I did not feel like a cute, glowing momma-to-be.

Hopefully now that the pregnancy has progressed, things will get easier. I am looking forward to decorating the baby room and getting all the furniture! I also look forward to the day when my belly makes me look pregnant and not just fat, hahahah!🤪

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