New Home New Struggles

Lest I sound ungrateful I want you to know that my husband and I feel super lucky to have found a house during this crazy time in the housing market. We had to move super quick on our house and bid above other people in order to get our home. We know to even buy a house right now is out of many people’s reaches.

That being said, we love our house, but once you move in, you notice all the things you never did when you were looking. Gosh, the paint job is terrible! The fridge door hits the kitchen island! The cabinets are deep but so short! I can barely turn around in the shower! The garage door won’t open all the way! Eww bugs keep getting in!

Sound familiar? All of a sudden we had to have someone come and fix the garage door and we booked a contractor to redo our shower. Pest control was brought in.

Homeownership is exhausting. You don’t realize how much work it is and how much it costs. The list of needs, to-dos and wants continue to grow.

I’m lucky that the hubby is both handy and super organized. Thanks to him all boxes in the house were demolished by our third week in the house. He has insisted we will not be one of those people with boxes from a move ten years ago 😂. He is true to his word. both garages have been organized, paintings hung on the walls, and almost all random stuff given a home.

This being Texas, it is a good time to focus inside since it’s too hot to do much outside these days. Although I am yearning to enjoy our backyard and courtyard! Our courtyard is super cool, very private and shaded, but the stones do need to be fixed/replaced so that is on the list. We ordered outdoor lounge furniture so hopefully it will arrive in a few weeks just in time for things to cool down.

The house will be a life-long project I’m sure. Stand by as I share updates!

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