New Home!

No, we don’t live in this fancy house

Yay! We’ve moved! As anyone knows from moving, it is exhausting, boring, tedious and stressful. We didn’t have a bad move by any means. The movers were polite, efficient and careful so I have no complaints.

The thing is, we decided that the smaller items and boxes, we would move ourselves. It ended up saving us a bunch of money, but was exhausting for Sam and took a whole lot of time. We didn’t move very far, so making trips to and from the houses wasn’t terrible in distance, but man, it’s a pain! Ten, twelve, trips on the first few days, and then at least two or three after the movers came continued for over a week.

Just driving back and forth, back and forth! Whew! And you know what those first few days are like after a move. You’re overwhelmed with boxes everywhere and don’t know where anything is.

We have been slowly unpacking everything and trying to figure where to put all our stuff. It is not easy! You think that when you move to a bigger house you have more space to put things, and yet that somehow doesn’t seem to be the case!!! So we are looking for solutions to storage, moving things around, etc.

Pictures will ensue once we have made some headway.

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