Goodbye and Hello

I apologize! It’s been quite a while my friends. Things have been a bit chaotic around here.

The last time I wrote, it was about moving. We left the first home I ever owned. It has been exciting, but also a little sad. There’s something really nice and comforting about your first home. It served me well in the three years that I lived there.

Sam moved in with me, we got engaged in that house, got ready for the wedding ( the unplanned version) in the house, hunkered down during the COVID shut-down in the house ( how’s that for the honeymoon phase!). Those of course are the highlights. We also dealt with some lows and some of the listed above highs. We were able to host loved ones when they came down to visit ( they didn’t have to stay in a hotel!) and many other occasions. We went from IKEA furniture to adult furniture and my parents even decided it was time for us to take the family Chinaware.

There were a lot of firsts and I know that there will be many more in our new home. So to my old home, I say, goodbye and fare well. Treat the new homeowner as well as you treated us. You gave us many great memories ❤️.

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