The State of TV Shows

Anyone lately look at their tv with both adoration and disgust? Let’s face it, we in America spend a lot of time with our butts on the couch watching tv.

If you’re like me and the hubby, you play on your phone while watching television. It’s really quite horrible. We’re not just staring googley eyed at one screen, but two!

It’s not great. But you know what’s worse? The utter lack of things to watch. I’m still going to expand my behind while I waste away my time, so at least if there was something entertaining it would be better.

There have been some decent shows that came on this year, but we are serial bingers, so we like at least two seasons before we watch a show. Also, we don’t have cable, we choose from a plethora of streaming apps, and yet every time we finish a show, we spend days trying to figure out what will be next.

At this point, we gave up and are watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory from the beginning. It’s a hilarious show despite having a laugh track ( very annoying, I know when to laugh). The only problem? If the hubs isn’t around, I have to find something else to watch. Boooooo. I’ve watched an episode of some reality shows ( ugh) I’ve watched some other reruns, and I’ve tried previously unwatched shows that are old ( I know why I didn’t watch them).

It’s horrible to say, but dang! I’m so booored! And yet somehow not bored enough to pick up a book 🤦‍♀️. Sad. Very very sad. Please tell me I am not alone!

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