Aloo Out

My hubby, Sam, said to me yesterday afternoon, “get dressed, we’re going somewhere ( I was in my pajamas, don’t judge me).”

We ended up at the Indian grocery store. He had very sweetly decided he was going to make me dinner, a new dish we had never tried. Yay!

We had a few moments of confusion trying to figure out where everything was located and what the ingredients were called, but the staff was super helpful and patient. Communicating in different languages is hard y’all! Some of the staff spoke English, but the kind gentleman who helped the most didn’t speak a lick of English. Apparently Sam was calling an ingredient by its scientific name instead of its known name. Oops!

We got home and starting looking some more at the Ingredients and did a little googling. Ummmm, apparently some stuff isn’t very healthy. Did you know that mustard oil is banned by the USDA for eating purposes? Neither did we. Braver people than us might have given it a try. I understand that it is extremely popular in several countries around the world including Bangladesh ( where the recipe was from) but for certain health reasons we decided to forgo the recipe in the end.

Darn! I know Sam was disappointed. He had been excited to give the recipe a try. We even listened to the Bangladeshi Nation Anthem. It’s beautiful by the way, very poetic. It describes the beauty of the land and the sweetness of the fruit. I guess we will have to try a different recipe some time from Bangladesh. Perhaps one with legal ingredients!

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