Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

On the last day of my sister’s visit, we decided to go shoe shopping. Next to the shoe store was a running shop, so the hubby decided to tag along.

Big mistake 😂. In the time that it took for Sam to buy two pairs of running sneakers, browse around REI and another store, my sister and I were still trying on shoes by the dozen. The poor salesman! He helped both of us at the same time. There was literally a mountain of shoes by the time we were done! But the salesman was super sweet and patient. In the meantime, the hubby had run out of activities to keep him occupied and practically fell asleep in the chair waiting for us lol.

Shoe shopping was a perfect example of the relationship that my sister and I have. Supportive, argumentative, humorous, long-winded and more! We loved, we laughed, we teased. It was the perfect way to end her stay! Miss you sis!

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