Esther’s Follies

Inside the lobby

Esther’s Follies is an institution in Austin. It is sort of like a variety or vaudeville show. The theater is clearly a former storefront with large picture windows and the weirdest/coolest decorations.

Inside the lobby

The show itself is made up of different skits. It is mostly a comedic musical of sorts based on politics and local/national news. Right now the show consists of a lot of jokes about the pandemic, like who you can rely on more: the post office, UPS, Grub Hub or Amazon. Another skit made fun of different areas of Texas, explained by “Matthew McConaughey” ( an impersonator, since he might run for Governor).

The stage-notice the windows
Off to the side of the stage

It also has a magician that performs several acts and really plays up to the audience. One of the smartest (I think genius) aspects of the show, is the use of space. It has a tiny stage, but the actors actually go outside and perform in front of the windows at times. So they might sing about an ocean, and they show fake waves and people pantomiming swimming in the windows. And it never fails, during every performance, there will be people who stop to watch the show from the street. The theater is on one of the main streets in Austin, so you might have unsuspecting tourists or bar hoppers standing there wondering what the heck is going on! Of course those window watchers get jokes made at their expense, because they are part of the show at that point!

Inside the lobby

Esther’s Follies is non-stop hilarity. If you ever visit Austin, you absolutely must go!

Inside the lobby

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