Chinese Food, Yum!

We took my sister out to a Chinese restaurant the other night. No, not take out, and not an overly saucy Americanized version of Chinese food.

Incredible and all organic Chinese food in a beautiful setting. We had traditional Shanghai soup dumplings which are amazing ( I am obsessed, but can only make at home now that I’m vegetarian), pan fried vegetable dumplings that were as delicious to eat as they were pretty and super elegant egg rolls that looked more like bread sticks than your traditional type.

We were given water in adorable mugs that had a cartoon on them, as well as their name, which also appeared on the butcher paper, menus, wall, and more ( who can blame them for being proud?). My sister had an incredible drink that was called something like “The Pink Tingling Fizz,” which she was embarrassed to say, but impressed to drink. It came with some kind of yellow fruit that you bite in to before drinking and your whole mouth really does tingle!

For entrees we ordered Lamb chops, Shrimp, Dan Dan Noodles, Farmer’s Fried Rice and a side of shiitake mushrooms sautéed along with baby bok choy .

The food was so good we almost didn’t have leftovers! The last time we went, we sat at a bar overlooking the kitchen. We got to watch three women make dumplings from scratch. It was amazing to watch how quickly they made and wrapped each one of those suckers!

If you ever visit Austin, Check out Lin Asian Bar and Dim Sum. Yum!

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