There is a really cool place here in Austin called Craft. It is a crafter’s dream. All of the art supplies you could dream of and more, are super organized in large studio.

The best part? You get to have fun, be creative, make a mess but don’t have to clean it up after!! The stains and supplies stay there!

The hubby’s sign

It can be easy to get overwhelmed ( I can attest to this) with all of the materials and random objects that are available to you, but one of the employees came up with an awesome idea: a “ gum ball machine” of ideas. You twist the crank and out comes a teeny tiny storage container with a prompt inside. You can use the prompt if you like it, or look at the many crafting books they have. I was told however I was the first person to actually use a book! Hmmmm…

My sister’s curio box

The people who own and work at the store are super sweet and helpful. When I asked for macramé string, they felt terrible they didn’t have any but gave me ideas of what I could use instead and promised to get macramé materials for the future.

My unfinished macramé/tapestry thingy

The hubby made a decorated sign that says: Keep Austin Weird, because of course, what else would you do in Austin?

My sis made a really cool/interesting art box. Very abstract. She’s not sure what she will use it for yet, but she will have a think on it.

Fun fact: the hubby and I went to Craft on our third date! I got flustered because I wasn’t happy with my project, lol. He still married me 😉.

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