Doorknob Covers

When my Mother-in-Law asked me to make her some doorknob covers, I said, huh? I didn’t know that was a thing!

I started googling ( after I said yes, of course), and found it’s quite common for several reasons: to keep naughty children from opening doors they shouldn’t, decoration, and wall dents/scratches.

Apparently my MIL has some troublesome doors that leave marks, so I am happy to help 😊. However googling did not inform me how to make these covers. Every pattern I looked up was for crocheting…. Hmmmm. While I enjoy learning a new skill, I am trying to keep my crafts purchases to a minimum at the moment and spending in general ( see yesterday’s post about antique shopping!).

So I winged it! I started by knitting a small rectangle, stitched up the sides like a corset and then put more string all around the outside so it pulls together kind of like an old-fashioned purse. Not bad! Slightly large so for the second cover I made it slightly smaller. It still puckers at the corners, but hopefully it will get the job done. I hope my MIL approves! ❤️

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