Tomato Recipe #3

It’s better than it looks

I was wandering the internets looking for something make using my tomatoes. Nothing too complex or that uses meat. Something that would fill me up and be delicious.

My beauties

I came upon a tomato, basil and caramel used onion Quiche that I decided to go with. You can find it here:

The secret to cutting basil is to twist/curl them up and then slice

I opted to go with a store bought crust. Just to make it easier. The page is quite informative, explaining the difference between quiche and frittata, as well making variations on this recipe.

Onions in the beginning with butter and sugar

I didn’t quite follow directions, naturally. It says chopped tomatoes, which I did, but after looking at the pictures, I realized they meant sliced instead. And because when it comes to food, I believe more is more, I threw in both ( so two tomatoes instead of one). This may have backfired a little bit, because as Mary Berry ( The Great British Bake Off) would say, it has a “ soggy bottom.” Also, the pic crust was filled a touch too high.

Onions at the end, nice and browned

Nonetheless, it was still good and I am happy to not let any of my beautiful tomatoes go to waste. Stay tuned as more become ripe!

There’s tomato in there, I swear!

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