New Hair

No makeup, don’t judge!

There’s just something about getting a haircut, isn’t there? It’s like a new lease on life. It’s the reason we change hairstyles when we change jobs, relationships, and stages in life.

I had been growing my hair out for the wedding, and then COVID hit and all of a sudden, two years had gone by without a hair cut. I found myself pulling my own hair when I lay in bed, or getting dressed. Birds could have built a nest in there! I was shedding more than the cat and brushing was a literal pain.

I finally went in to the salon and when I walked out, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Literally of course, but emotionally as well. It felt like the weight of the last year and a half had left. I didn’t realize I had been carrying it around with me so much. I guess my hair symbolized all the things that had changed our lives and all of the things we couldn’t or were afraid to do.

I still have my reservations about going back to life as before without extra precautions but this was a giant step in the right direction. Short hair, don’t care 😉.

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