Purple Heart Tomatoes

The super red ones look ripe. The two light ones fell off. Oops!

I’m pretty new to this whole gardening thing. Green, if you will. last year, like a lot of people, because of the pandemic, the hubby and I decided to start a garden.

In fact, I have something embarrassing to admit… We thought our mint plant was tomatoes and vice versa 😂. We couldn’t understand why the mint had no flavor. We were about to get rid of it when tomatoes started growing on it!

This year, we learned to label our plants and now had an idea what it looked like. Look at us old hands, hah! The thing is, I didn’t stick with the same type of tomatoes as last time ( cherry) so it’s kind of like starting over. In fact I just chose a set of seeds at random.

So here we are! I believe that they are Purple Heart Tomatoes, maybe of the Cherokee variety? We planted them too close and have had to continuously cut down portions of it to not overwhelm the other plants. We have no idea what we are doing. 🤷‍♀️

Which leads me to the next step of ignorance. We’ve got tomatoes! Yay! Now when do I pick them? Several have changed color, but they still don’t seem to be quite as soft as the types you find in the supermarket. I read that the skin of these tomatoes are thicker and should have some green on top of red/brown on the bottom. So I think I picked these ones at the right time?? Apparently I took them off wrong, because I cut them with scissors when if you twist them off you can regrow more in that spot?

I truly have no idea and the whole thing is a big experiment. I guess I’ll have to try them and let you know. In the meantime, if any of you have tips and knowledge, please send them my way!

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