Holy Cucumber!

This bad boy is the size of my hand
The cucumber plant taking over the garden

My husband was outside while I was upstairs one day. When I came down the stairs, there, sitting on the kitchen counter was a giant cucumber.

Huh? Where did this come from and why was it just sitting there? I was so confused. Was this in the fridge and I didn’t know about it?

I asked my husband about it, and he told me it came from our home cucumber plant! No way! Not possible. I had looked the other day and seen the start of a baby one. Where in the world did this come from??

This is our first time growing cucumbers. Both of us had only truly looked at the part of the plant that is over the planter, not paying attention to the long off-shoots flowing over the sides of the box. Those big leaves were hiding a gigantic cucumber!

We’re so excited by the success of this plant and it’s hidden treasures!

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