Red Eared Slider

As I looked out my window this morning I saw a movement. I had to do a double take! Is that a turtle???

Ok so there is a pond across the street, and I’ve seen turtles there before, but never have I once witnessed one on this side of the road. I was both curious and concerned. I told my husband, ran to the garage for something to collect them in and went outside.

As I stood behind the bushes and looked at them, my husband comes out and tells me not to touch it. He says it is better left alone and likely a biter.

Frankly, I was doubtful of both of those things. If I grabbed it from behind, how would it bite? Why would it be better off here than near the water? Besides, the last thing I wanted was for the poor thing to get run over!

Well, while I was observing, I decided to do some googling. Hmmm… “sometimes people are well-meaning but should leave the turtles where they are found, because they could be laying eggs,” I read. Oh.

As I watched, the turtle hid under a bush but at a strange angle. I have no idea how this kind of turtle lays eggs, but I decided to leave it alone. My husband dragged me inside so I didn’t get to see it leave, but I hope they made it across the street safely 🤞🏻.

During my research, I decided to text a cousin who has turtles. she told me it is mating season and the turtle was likely laying eggs. Having confirmed that, I felt much better. And apparently that was the second text she had gotten this week with the same question!

Moral of the story, unless you see a turtle in danger of being hit or is hurt, leave them alone. I guess Mother Nature knows what she’s doing ( and so does my husband, sometimes) 😉.

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