Graduation Parade

Speaking with our neighbor yesterday, she told us about a car parade that was about to happen for the local high school.

What a great idea! Graduation is happening this weekend and next for many of the high schools in the Austin area. As a way to celebrate and cheer on the Seniors, they decided to drive around the neighborhood with decorated cars.

You could see the pure joy and excitement on their faces. They are thrilled to have made it through high school and move on to the next big step in their lives.

As I waved and wished the students congratulations I thought of my own former students. I miss them and I hope they are having the same opportunity to celebrate. It made me a little sad, but I know they are happy the year is over and they have brand new things to look forward to.

It is such an exciting time in their lives, I remember the fear, happiness, anxiety and joy that I felt the summer before college. There’s a brand new independence on the way, no structure but of your own making and for some, a new location and new friends as well.

Congratulations Seniors and best wishes on all your new adventures!

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