My parents called to wish the hubby a happy birthday and asked if his present had arrived. Ummm, no…

We had no idea what it was! The next day a package arrived. I would say that I couldn’t wait for it to be opened because it was a mystery, but that would be lie. The box kind of gave it away!

It was cheese! Glorious cheese! All kinds of cheese! My parents had told us all about an experience they had taken, a cheese cave tour. Super cool, right? There’s a famous cheese shop in NYC called Murray’s Cheese. They have all kinds of amazing cheeses. They even give cheese tasting ( with wine if you like) classes. Apparently the cheese shop keeps some of it’s cheeses in a cave in Brooklyn. For aging purposes I assume.

When the hubby heard about all this, he was super excited. He loved the idea and my parents I guess took the idea and ran with it. My parents made sure to get stinky cheeses, just as he likes it. Blue cheese is one of his favorites.

We decided not to try all of them at once ( you know, so we don’t get sick), so we chose a Shropshire Blue, Shakerag Blue, and Gruyere. I’m a big fan of Gruyere and have had it many times. Nutty in flavor and just delicious. The Shakerag Blue was the hubby’s favorite, more along the lines of a typical blue cheese or Roquefort. The Shropshire I really enjoyed, it has a big bold flavor that is a combination of blue and cheddar cheese. Interesting, right?

We stuffed ourselves to the gills and highly enjoyed ourselves. We paired the cheese with crackers, baguette and grapes.

Everybody say “cheese!“

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