Happy Birthday Hubby!

A few days ago was the birthday of my true love ❤️ . The man who puts up with my craziness and makes me laugh. In our short marriage we have already been through ups and downs, and he has been supportive and a positive influence throughout. Every day spent together is another day I fall more in love.

I of course wanted to celebrate him, but he didn’t want to do anything originally but eventually I got him to agree to drinks and appetizers at our favorite restaurant.

We love a place called The Grove, it’s a casual wine bar and restaurant with several locations in the Austin area. There’s one about five minutes from our house, so it is always an easy choice.

We both enjoyed a flight of wine, me, Italian whites, and him, French red blends.

We also enjoyed two of their many bruschetta choices : strawberry, goat cheese and basil, and wild mushroom, aged balsamic, and smoked Gouda. There was also a new item: pretzel bites with house made cheese sauce and a creamy pesto and pepper sauce. Yum!

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that we are kind of obsessed with Hell’s Kitchen and have been binge watching it for ages now. It has inspired Sam to get more in to cooking, so I registered him for a knife skills course through Sur La Table. He’s super excited! I am too, to reap the benefits 😉.

Happy birthday to the best hubby ever!

My silly husband wearing my first macrame attempt as a hat 😂

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