Spring Cleaning

Ugh. Cleaning.

Does that explain how I feel? It has to be done and it always feels good afterwards, but man I hate it! Cleaning is fine, but deep cleaning is a bummer. Wiping down baseboards and moving furniture is hard work!

I’ll be honest, I’ve never exactly been Donna Reed ( the model of domesticity). I enjoy cooking now, but was known as the “microwave queen” in college, and cleaning was never a joy for me. I’ve improved a lot thanks to my super organized hubby. Now I use it as an excuse to jam out to whatever I feel like on Spotify. Sometimes it’s a cleaning playlist or sometimes it’s Tracy Chapman. Whatever you got to do to get through those chores!

All of that being said, it is a wonderful feeling at the end of it, you are bone tired but the house feels lighter , cleaner and more airy. Aaaaaahhh…

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