Hanging with my Parents

A little visitor

The final day before my parents left, we had plans to go to another large brewery with a farm. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, right?

Well I guess it was! We had been looking forward to exploring Vista Brewery, but after several days of lots of driving everyone agreed they were tired and needed a break. So we decided to hang out at home. Not so bad. In fact we really enjoyed sitting out on the back patio.

Do you ever notice that you appreciate things more when looking through someone else’s eyes? My parents live in an apartment in NYC so when they come down here, they think our little place is spacious and our backyard is glorious! You know what? It is! We enjoy it more when they are here. It feels like an excuse to sit outside and enjoy the sun and breeze. We even had a little visitor 😉.

That night we ate hamburgers and french fries. Sometimes the simple things are best, especially when you are with the ones you love ❤️.

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