Breweries ( & Distilleries) Galore

Breweries and distilleries are popular for obvious reasons and in Austin, there’s practically one on every street corner.

There are a lot in the city itself, but while my parents were visiting, we decided to check some out on the southern outskirts of Austin. We ended up visiting two places during the week, both in a town called Dripping Springs ( also known as “ Drinking Springs”).

The great part about heading outside of the city is the wide open space. Both places had lots of acres to wander around in. They had picnic benches in fields with large buildings where the drinks were made as well as food.

Jester King, is a brewery on 165 acres that has its own farm with goats and fruit trees. They focus on sustainability and conservation. They also have trails so you can burn a few calories before downing some beer and homemade pizza.

Treaty Oaky Distilling is set on 28 acres with a stage that is made from an old Semi truck. It has a tasting room, Bbq restaurant and bar on premises where they make wine, beer, whisky and gin. There is a small garden and a large play area for kids.

We had a fantastic time at them both! We enjoyed the sun, fresh air, beautiful fields, great drinks and even better company! All I can say is that we are spoiled for choice here in Texas and they are all amazing. I would go back to both of them in a heartbeat and I am excited to try others in the area as well!

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