Originally for my mother’s birthday we were going to take her to a restaurant called Tillie’s. We ended up rescheduling because the opera postponed due to rain, but it was totally worth it!

Tillie’s is down in an area called Dripping Springs, about 45 minutes south of downtown Austin but a world away. It feels very rural there with one little street for its “ downtown” and lots of farms and undeveloped land. it’s a beautiful area. In order to get to the restaurant you have drive down small country roads and cross rivers that surely would flood if it rains.

We finally arrived at the grounds called “Camp Lucy,” apparently it is a compound that holds weddings. They have a chapel on premises as well as a lodge and cabins. It is a huge area of land that is beautiful and wild with trees and flowers left to flourish but still updated with modern amenities and luxury. I could absolutely see getting married there!

The restaurant is a town hall that was moved to Texas from Vietnam. It is breathtaking! Although we sat outside ( by the pool surrounded by bamboo) we walked through the inside and were able to marvel at the intricate wooden beams and blue geometric tiles.

Not only is it beautiful, but is it delicious as well! The New American cuisine was delicious and the waitress was incredibly nice. We all had a wonderful time and my mom was thrilled with her birthday dinner.

They even had llamas!

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