Uchi is one of the best restaurants in Austin, Texas. It was the place that put food on the map here. After Uchi came, other good restaurants followed.

Despite living here about 8 years, tonight was my first time eating at Uchi. SO GOOD. Sam and I had been to Uchiko, it’s sister restaurant before which is also fabulous, but this is even fancier.

We ate outside, and the weather was perfect. The only caveat was the noise. Instead of having the outdoor seating in the back of the restaurant, it was in the front, so you could hear traffic. Other than that, the food was amazing and the waitress was great!

Lots of little dishes that come out when they are ready, the food is portioned so you can try a lot. In fact, since I am vegetarian, the waitress offered to give me a variety of small dishes so I could try many things on the menu ( they even have a separate vegetarian menu). sake was brought out in a glass cup inside of a wooden box. The box gives extra flavor to the sake and of you enjoy it, you can pour the glass in to the box.

We got soup to nuts as the saying goes. The desserts were heavenly!

Honestly, on the drive home, we were all quiet, tired from too much good food and drink! We basically fell in to bed afterwards. In all in all , I would say a great night! Sam and I look forward to returning!

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