Taking it Easy

One of the requests my parents had before they came down was to have time to just sit outside and relax.

The hubby spent the day smoking a brisket for dinner, meanwhile my dad made banana pancakes for breakfast. I haven’t had pancakes in forever! Yum!

Our plan for the rest of the day was just to relax but of course nothing ever goes exactly as planned! There was an emergency in my mom’s art studio that required that she get her artwork moved immediately for building work so she spent several hours on zoom in a panic. My dad had a client call for an emergency of their own that he had to fix. So naturally, as my parents were really starting to settle in to their visit and enjoy the nice weather, boom! The stress comes back.

Luckily both emergencies were fixed by the late afternoon and we all were able to bask in the sun with a glass of rosé and a laugh. Then the evening was capped off with what I’m sure was amazing brisket ( I ate smoked tofu). Everyone went to bed happy and satisfied ( even the cat, who enjoyed some brisket).

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