Austin Opera

Tosca with the Austin Opera

Yay! My parents are here! It feels like forever since we have seen them. They came down to celebrate my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day.

To celebrate, we went to the Opera on Sunday night. The wonderful and dramatic ( like all operas) Tosca by Puccini. It was the first performance since the opera had closed down due to COVID. So they performed at an outdoor amphitheater in the Circuit of the Americas ( where Formula 1 races).

It was a beautiful warm night and the singing was fabulous! It hs been so long since I have seen an opera. I’m certainly no regular opera-goer, but I always enjoy it when I do.

It was a simple stage with very little scenery and the orchestra in the background but who needs fancy sets when the voices are so beautiful! My mom loved the opera and she was very happy, which of course makes me happy!

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