Smoked Ice

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? It kind of is. But I guess you truly can smoke anything. And the hubby is not one to say “no” to smoking stuff.

He considers smoked ice to be a great party addition. With my parents soon to arrive , he decided that we would be remiss as hosts if we did not offer it for their drinks. I can’t see it in my mom’s martini but certainly a scotch or bourbon would pair nicely. I’m more partial to wine so I will likely not partake but I am curious how it will smell and taste in a drink. It’s pretty pungent, let me tell you!

How do you make smoked ice? Fill a casserole dish ( be warned, ours is now brownish) with water. Smoke it for 90 minutes below 212F to keep it from boiling or put it up to 275F like my husband did , you’ll just evaporate some water 🤦‍♀️.

Let it cool down and then filter the water otherwise you’ll end up with ash debris. Sam ( the hubs) used a water filter system ( like Brita) the first time, but it actually worked TOO well. He ended up making a second batch and using a cheesecloth instead. It worked much better. Once done, he poured the water in to ice cube trays. Now here’s a crazy secret. Ziploc those ice trays! For some reason, if you don’t wrap your soon to-be ice cubes in a baggy the ice will evaporate over time! Strange but true, it happened to us.

After the ice cubes solidified, Sam took them out of the trays and transferred them all to a large baggie that is living in the freezer. If you weren’t sure which ice cubes trays he used, just take a quick sniff. Whew!! I could smell them a mile away.

Cheers to Smokey drinks!

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