Macrame Update

I was really hoping that I would be finished by the end of the weekend…

But no, I am not. Sigh. To be honest this project is starting to drag on me a little bit. It is very time consuming, making little knots round and round and around. It’s not so bad when watching tv, but staring down at it is getting a little tiring. I did however come up with a little hack.

I noticed it was very annoying to turn my project and all the little strings every two seconds as I went along. Then it came to me, use a Lazy Susan!! We actually have two in the house. For those that don’t know, a Lazy Susan is a little round piece that you put on a table. It spins, helping you to share food with others instead of passing it. It works really well! So if you decide to try this at home, use a Lazy Susan! Hopefully the next time I share this with you I will have a finished project 🤞🏻

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