Dad’s Scarf

Whew! Finished it just in the nick of time! My parents are set to arrive in about a week and I owed them each a scarf. My mom’s scarf was finished weeks ago but I sort of lost some steam after.

When I finally got my focus back, I went looking for the right yarn. I was able to find a black and white ombré one that was perfect, but once I started trying to knit I realized it was a little too thin. I decided to try a double stranded technician for the first time. It was easy to do and made it perfect for thickness.

From now on, if I like the yarn but it’s too thin I will definitely try it again. Then just for fun, I decided to add some fringe because my dad had mentioned he liked it.

And voila! I like how this scarf turned out. Hopefully once it gets cold again my parents will put their scarves to use. Maybe I should turn down the A/C one night to give them the opportunity 😉.

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