Grooming is Love

Video starring Max the cat, supporting role by the Hubby

Who doesn’t love to do something to make their loved ones happy?

Max, my cat LOVES to be brushed. You can see it in his eyes and his body language. He feels loved when we brush him. It probably reminds him of his mother grooming him as a kitten. And it just feels darned good, like a kitty massage.

He certainly doesn’t get tired of it. We could brush him till our arm gets tired and he’ll just look at you with those eyes and you’ll keep on going for as long as you can. We usually have to clean the brush several times, cause he’s a shedder, y’all!

At 15, he doesn’t care about toys anymore ( he never really did, despite ALL the money I spent) but he loves a good nap in someone’s lap, wandering around outside, and of course, getting brushed. So naturally I try to spoil him as much as possible like a good fur- momma should 😊.

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