Macrame Disaster

I was looking for a round table runner on Etsy, something kind boho/farmhouse to go on a coffee table. I searched and searched and thought I had found something I liked. I purchased it along with two other items. I thought.

A day or two later I went back to check on my orders and it was no where to be found. Whoops. I guess I hadn’t ordered it after all! But then I thought it was be in my viewed items. Nope. Darn!

I was annoyed and didn’t want to wait for something to be sent. I decided to look for a diy approach. I found these great macrame coasters on They even have a video to watch! I bought some cord from Michael’s and started the painstaking process. I couldn’t seem to pull the cord tight enough and it was super lumpy. I started putting heavy items on it to try to flatten it out. My husband takes a look at it and is less than enthused. He suggested I turn it in to a dream catcher 😂. I knew he was right! So after several days of work, I threw in the towel. The 3mm braided corn was too stiff to work with. I just bought some 1mm twisted cord so we shall see how it goes! Stay tuned for an update…

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