Easy Leftover Stir-Fry

Do you have leftover meats/proteins? Vegetables that may start to turn? Cooked rice that’s just been sitting in the fridge? Make a stir-fry!

I love stir-fries. I probably make at least one every two weeks. They’re easy and you can throw in basically anything that you want. I usually look for leftover vegetables that will go bad if I don’t use them.

Last night I used a frozen bag of stir-fry vegetables, leftover brown rice, egg, and tofu. I have a beautiful large wok that was a Christmas present from my in-laws that I love to use.

I started by heating up the wok for a few minutes and then threw in some vegetable oil and let it heat up for a minute ( I learned this from watching Hell’s Kitchen, I never knew you had to warm the pan before putting in oil), then I tossed in the frozen veggies, stirring every so often.

In the meantime I had preheated the oven to 350 F with my stone tray inside to get warm. When the oven was ready, I tossed in my pressed and cubed tofu and let it cook for 20 minutes. This is just one way of letting them cook. Sometimes I will put them in the wok instead. Either way, you want them to brown slightly.

Looks gross at this point. The egg hadn’t finished cooking.

After the tofu is done baking, I pull them out and throw them in the wok with the vegetables. The vegetables should be thoroughly cooked at this point, maybe 10-15 minutes. I toss them all together with a table spoon or two of soy sauce and then put them aside in a bowl.

Normally I would just throw in my rice at this point to hear it up, but last night I decided to sort of turn it in to “fried rice” by adding eggs. I think I should have just scrambled the eggs and then added the rice but I got impatient and put them in together, haha. The consistency was slightly strange to be honest. Eggy rice. So lesson learned. Anyway I added a touch more vegetable oil and soy sauce. As an option, you can add a 1/2-1 teaspoon of sesame oil. It tastes delicious but be warned, you only need a little. Once they were heated up, I put them in my dinner bowl and put the vegetables on top.

Voila. Easy left-over stir-fry.

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