Texan Wildflowers


Before I moved here, images of tumbleweed blowing in the streets and ranches with cows used to fill my head when I thought of Texas. While cow-filled ranches are certainly a common sight here, what I didn’t expect to see was greenery and lots of wildflowers.


In fact, the state flower is a bluebonnet, which is a wildflower that blooms during March and April. In Central Texas you will see the flowers everywhere. On the side of the highway, taking over the parks, everywhere you look. It’s charming and pretty, and generally does not get mowed. So you will actually see lots of tall grass on yards and public spaces until the bluebonnets die.


Bluebonnets aren’t the only wildflower to take over when given the opportunity. You’ll often see beautiful areas filled with pink, purple and orange or any combination thereof. It’s a special time in Texas and you’ll often see photographers out snapping pictures of engaged couples, pregnant women and small children posing in the flowers.

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