Farmer’s Market

As my husband and I get ready to head out to do some errands, he suggests we stop at the Farmer’s Market quickly to pick up some honey.

“What do you mean just get honey?” I say. In the hubby’s mind, the farmer’s market is the same as a supermarket. You stop in, get what you need and leave. We had a whole discussion in the car about it.

To me, the farmer’s market is an experience, not an errand, not just a quick stop.

You can enjoy fresh air, sunlight, live music and dog-watching. Not only can you get fruit, veggies, protein, and yogurt straight from the farm, you can get fresh baked goods, cold-brew coffee, and unique foods from small companies. I also love the hand-painted pottery and wonderful lavender products ( also straight from the farm). It is the best way to shop local, enjoy the nice weather and in these COVID times, possibly the safest.

Go support your local farmer’s market friends!

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