Planning a trip!

Is there anything more delicious than planning a trip right now?

The hubby and I have been talking for a while about going somewhere. Anywhere. We’ve been married a year and have barely left our house. We didn’t even get to go on our honeymoon.

We were supposed to go to Portugal for a beautiful trip of wine, culture, architecture and food. It would have been amazing. Sadly we all know what happened.

A year later we are both a few weeks away from being fully vaccinated and are crawling the walls! We talked about safe countries we could visit and guess what? No one wants us! After copious research, it seems most of the world is not allowing visitors right now. Makes sense. 🤷‍♀️.

Then the hubby spoke with his brother-in-law. He reminded us that he will only be stationed in Hawaii until the end of the year. Done!

We did not need any convincing. We decided to book our hotel and flights! Now of course everything we booked can be refunded in case things do not get better, but since our plans are for September, we are praying that travel will be pretty safe by then.

In the meantime, I will be having dreams of salty air, warm sand and crashing waves.

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