Easy French Ratatouille

The Hubby and I have been binge watching Hell’s Kitchen. You know, the tv show where Gordon Ramsey yells at everyone ( just kidding he does in all his shows)?

While we were watching, ratatouille was mentioned and Sam ( the hubs) asked what it was. I said vegetables and he thought I mean a specific kind, haha. No, no I said, it’s a vegetable dish!

He also hadn’t seen the movie! So of course, I promised to make it for him so he would know how it tasted. The verdict? Delicious! Especially with a side of toasted baguette. It takes a little bit of time but it is so worth it and totally healthy! It’s chock full of vegetables and vegan.

I found a great recipe by Laure Joliet at theKitchn.com

Easy French Ratatouille
— Read on www.thekitchn.com/_/print

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