Jab # 1 (COVID Vaccine)

Woot woot! Here in Texas, phase 2 which is the general population for the COVID vaccine, opened up. The exact date was March 29. A very exciting day!

I made sure to go online that night and check all of the possible places I could make an appointment. Naturally everyone was doing the same thing! The hubby and I ended up getting an appointment through Walmart, about an hour away.

Not perfect, but we’ll take it! We were very excited to get going on our vaccines. Immunity starts about 2 weeks after you get the shot and amazingly, you are about 80% protected at that point. Of course once you get the second jab ( for Moderna) it becomes higher than 90%, but it’s a great start!

So far the only thing we have felt is a sore arm. Not such a bad deal, I’ll take that in a heartbeat to feel safe.

If you are looking to get your vaccine soon, make sure to sign up for a waitlist with your local community/county as well as check local pharmacies. Here in Texas I constantly checked CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, H‑E‑B ( my grocery store) and the doctor’s office. You never know where there will be availability. Persistence is the name of the game! Good luck, and I hope everyone can get their vaccine soon!

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