First Wedding Anniversary

I couldn’t believe it! An entire year has gone by since the Hubby (Sam) and I got married. Sure we had been planning a wedding for a year, but due to the Pandemic, we never had the opportunity to go through with it. We ended up hurriedly getting a Justice of the Peace as the country shut down. It certainly wasn’t what we had planned, but it was still wonderful all the same.

When the beginning of March came around, Sam put up partition walls in the garage. All month long I wasn’t allowed to peek! I heard sawing and banging and who knows what else. My imagination went wild. Was it a chair? A bench? A sculpture? I had no clue!

Then the day of our Anniversary came around. That morning I came downstairs to a beautiful bouquet of flowers ☺️. I knew that couldn’t be what the noise was all about, but it was a nice way to start the day.

We had plans to go out to eat ( the second time in more than 12 months) at our favorite local restaurant ( outside of course) at 6:30, but Sam told me to be ready by 5:30. Hmmmm…

He made me wait outside for a few minutes and then we walked in to the house through the front door. It was wonderful!! Our house had been transformed in to a magical movie theater! It smelled of popcorn and I stopped by the ticket office to get a ticket (the something paper), then I went to the concession stand where I got popcorn and Prosecco (nice!). Then I walked down the hall to the ticket taker that even had balloons!

We went in to our movie theater (the living room), where we watched a slideshow of pictures of us since we met, and then we watched our wedding vows.

I swear y’all, I fell in love with this man all over again!!!!

Not only was the whole thing super creative (he even designed the ticket), he put so much time and effort in to the process and the whole thing was just so sentimental and lovely. Seriously. I love Sam sooooooo much!! In fact I look forward to eventually marrying him all over again one of these days!! 🥰

I gave him a first edition, first print of a favorite childhood book of his: The Adventures of Buster Bear, by Thornton W Burgess. He loved it, but honestly I couldn’t compete with his gift. So. Much. Love.

We went on to have a lovely dinner and even came back and had the cake from our wedding ( a gift from friends- it still tasted great!).

This year has been so hard, but I am so lucky to have Sam by my side to share the ups and downs in this life. I got a great one, and it was so wonderful to celebrate that! 🥰

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