St Patrick’s Day

When I think of St Patrick’s Day, I think of Ireland. It makes me smile with the memories of the wonderful time I had a few years ago when I visited with my sister.

The country is absolutely breathtaking, the people lovely, and the music beautiful. Surprisingly, the food was good too. The brown bread, soups, Irish tea and cheese were all amazing.

I had the pleasure of visiting Dublin and Galway. In Galway, we stayed in an Air B&B that was the birth home of the host. He was a lovely gentleman who told us about living in the two bedroom, one bathroom house with eleven siblings. 11! We got to listen to the traditional buskers ( musicians that sing on the street) who drew a crowd and reminded me so much of the movie/play “Once (go and watch it).”

I remember walking the cobble stone streets looking at the charming row houses, visiting the fun Guinness Museum and the even better Whisky Museum. We listened to Gaelic spoken and admired the architecture of old churches.

I loved every part of Ireland. But I especially loved that I got to see it with my sister. It makes me a little sad to reminisce about those wonderful times of exploring , but I know I will get to travel again in the ( hopefully near) future.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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