Pulling Out the Brushes

Even though I’m a former art teacher, I find myself rarely pulling out my paint brushes. I often feel guilty about that.

I love painting, but it is a pain in the tushy to set up and clean up. I share the office with the hubby but it’s a little tight on space for an art studio. Especially because I am someone who enjoys spreading out ( in everything I do, which drives the hubby nuts).

Yesterday I finally found some motivation and set up a folding table in the garage where I could blast some music. It felt good!

My painting is inspired by the photograph in Master of None. If you have watched the show ( if you haven’t, you should!) you will recognize a red mountain picture in Dev Patel’s living room. I actually thought it was a painting but in doing some research, I found it was a photograph by David Benjamin Sherry.

It was fun and didn’t take me very long to do. I’m hoping putting less pressure on myself to do longer, more detailed paintings will encourage me to paint more often in small spurts. 🤞🏻

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