Blueberry Lemon Muffins

As I stared blankly at my pantry, wondering what to eat for breakfast, I started to look at my top shelf. It is the baking shelf. It is also the shelf where exotic flours go to die.

I started shifting some items around and ended up finding cassava flour, almond flour, wheat flour, corn flour, bread flour, self-rising flour and more. Who needs these many varieties? Maybe a professional baker?

I’m thinking I need to start finding a use for all of these flours. And then I see muffin mix. Ah! That’s an easy way to start emptying the shelf. I think I’ll start with that…

I haven’t tried Kodiak products before, but I do remember a lot of talk about how good/healthy it was a few years ago. Obviously that is when I bought it. Yes I did check the expiration date, haha. Still good!

If you know of good recipes for any of the above mentioned flours please share! I hope to continue the process of cleaning out the pantry.

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