A Little Walk with My Little Love

If you come to my house on any given day, you might find a black and white cat sitting in the living room ( and whining) at the back door. This would be my fur baby, Max.

Max has been an indoor kitty his whole life. Once we moved to Texas, he had the opportunity to sit on the terraces in the apartments that we lived in, but now that we live in a condo with a patio instead of a terrace, we had no safe way for Max to soak up the sun.

At a certain point I decided I would let him outside accompanied by me and see what would happen. Walks on a leash are off the table because Max is like Houdini and can get out of every harness that exists. So I watched him like a hawk and it was instant love on his part. He loves to explore and isn’t too timid. Luckily he doesn’t move very fast anymore so there’s no fear that he will run away. Plus I’m basically a Helicopter Mom and I walk with him wherever he goes.

I try to walk with him in the backyard most days unless the weather is bad. I do it to enjoy the nice weather, but also so Max can enjoy the nice weather. About half the time he just sits there and eats grass, but the other times, when he closes his eyes to enjoy the sun on his back or lifts his nose in the air to smell the breeze, it just warms my heart. I love seeing the happiness and pure contentment on his face. Making my fur baby happy makes me happy. I’m sure you all feel that way about your fur babies too. ❤️

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