Purl One, Knit One

While waiting for yarn to come in for the scarf my dad requested, I decided to start a new project.

I found out about a non-profit called Comfort for Critters. People can make small blankets and donate them to specific shelters. These blankets are used as beds for one of the animals at the shelter, and then they get to keep it and bring it with them to their new adopted home, so they have their own possession to comfort them while they adjust to their new surroundings.

On the website they even have instructions and free patterns on how to make a blanket for weavers, sewers, knitters and more. I looked for the simplest pattern there was, which was: knit one, purl one.

And even then, I had to teach myself how to purl! I’m still not convinced I’m doing it 100 percent right, because the pattern looks different in certain sections. I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes too. I’m maybe about halfway through so far. Wish me luck!

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