Hello, Hello Fresh!

Sam (the hubby) has been wanting to try Hello Fresh for a while. My In-laws and Sister-in law all order Hello Fresh and love it! They often sing it’s praises.

Since there is a special for first timers, we thought we would try a week. We have only tried the first meal so far and I thought it was great! I made the Southwest Plant-Based Protein over Cilantro Rice. Sam made a different one that had meat in it. He liked his, but maybe wasn’t quite as in to it as I was. Maybe it was the sweet potatoes, which he doesn’t like normally ( but then again, he chose the meal!).

The great thing about it, is that you get sent a package with all the ingredients in a bag, just the right size for your meal. Which means no leftovers spices that you spent a bunch of money on and don’t know what to do with, or half a vegetable that you plan on using but then goes bad before you get to it. It’s also nice because it’s a new meal idea that you get to keep in your arsenal. The food is fresh, since you are cooking it. Although, if you have a small kitchen like us, two people making two meals can get a little hectic.

Currently we are weighing whether we would want to continue to do Hello Fresh in the future. We are going to see if we enjoy all the meals and then we need to weigh several things: Without the discount, is it cheaper to simply buy and make our own meals, or to get Hello Fresh’s, and supplement with the grocery store for snacks and things like eggs? Another thing to consider is the health aspect. Are the meals healthy? We are trying to eat more well-rounded and improve nutritionally as well as lose weight. Although we can control things like butter and oil, is it healthier to make our own meals and not be tempted by cheese, etc.? Also, what is the impact on the environment? Obviously we buy food from the supermarket that is shipped in from all over the world. I can’t say I eat only locally grown foods, but seeing the food sent in a cardboard box wrapped in a cooler bag that contains several cold gel packs, and then each meal placed in a separate paper bag with certain ingredients wrapped inside that, it does make me feel a little wasteful and wonder at the environmental impact of it all. Yes cardboard and paper are recyclable, which is good, but it still makes me think twice.

Have you tried Hello Fresh? Did you like it? Or do you use a different meal delivery brand that you enjoy?

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