Air Fryer

That’s right. I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I’ve been reading about them for months, and even got one for the in-laws for Christmas!

Well, I happened to see one while shopping with the hubby at Costco. I mentioned it to gage his interest, and wouldn’t you know it, the family shopping behind us overheard and starting gushing about how much they love their air fryer! I didn’t even have to pay these people 😉. The hubby was convinced!

We brought home our Emeril Lagasse ( remember him?) AirFryer Pro. Naturally we tried home-made fries that night! We may have been a little greedy and put too much in at once, so we had to set it for longer than suggested… But we have tried several times now and realized to put the basket on the spit rotator, so they have really started to improve. We’ve also put green beans in the basket, which comes out delicious! And last night we put chopped broccoli and black beans on the trays.

We’re still figuring it out for sure, but it’s fun and yummy to keep trying! I understand the buzz and look forward to trying even more foods in the Air Fryer.

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